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"Over a period of a few months, Lynda produced website copy for over a hundred different countries that we required for our travel vaccination clinic.  This was an integral part of our new website.  Lynda worked to tight weekly deadlines and was able to get up to speed with the information required to produce final copy, first time around, on what is a specialist area.  She also showed initiative and made a number of positive recommendations to make a better final product.  I recommend Lynda as a copywriter, and would not hesitate to work with her in the future. "


....Dr. D. Channon

Destination Health Clinic, London




"Wordwiz Copywriting handled a very important translation project for us, and we were delighted with the result.  

The translation was excellent, well-presented, and on time.  We would return to them on future projects. "


....Melissa de Santis

OTCex S.A,  UK Branch 


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May 25, 2018
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"A" is for Advertising

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Donald Trumps Them All.....Doesn't He?....

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First and Foremost....

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Farley's French Lessons

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We're back!!

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St. Lucia - March 14th

Mar 16, 2014
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Hello....Meet Farley, our blogging buddy!  


Join Farley every day as he spouts out "Wordstuff" to inform and engage you!


Remember that Farley just loves getting your comments, questions and reviews, so please enjoy our Blogs and feel free to contact him (or Lynda) either by phone or e-mail at any time!



Here's what Farley says today:




"Ask "Wordwiz" about making your web content "Hummingbird-friendly", to harmonize with Google's new "Hummingbird" Algorithm.  We can help you to maintain and increase visitor volume on your site by adjusting your copy to maximise the value and visibility of your keywords.   


Just ask Farley (or Lynda) for details, and a FREE quote!

E-mail address:



Farley wanted to add some food for thought:


"When was the last time you walked down the street without being surrounded by people with their faces in a mobile phone, either texting, or talking? Communication is what it's all about today, and that means that it's more vital then ever to be in command of the written word, whether it's website, blog, or promotional literature.   


Talk to Us at Wordwiz about how we can help improve the quality of your documents and the presentation of your web content. "




Dec 18.. only 7 days until .....  and in yesterday's Blog, we talked about communication.  Maybe this is the right time to talk about staying in touch with our clients, friends, family & newly-met acquaintances.  At Christmas, let's take a moment to get in touch with our favourite charities, and be mindful of those in need.   


Communication is the WORD, and it's so sad to find that the disastrous circumstances in Tacloban and other parts of the Philippines after the Typhoon are no longer front page stories, after only 6 or so weeks.  Millions are homeless, starving and displaced, still searching for their families.  


At Wordwiz, we are prepared to help create any promotional literature, letters, or flyers for any recognised organisation helping out with relief efforts.   


(Farley wants it this way!) 


Compliments of the Season to All 



Farley and I want to say, on the Eve of the Eve of the Day..... 


Let's talk again about communication, and getting the "message" through!


What's the message??  Well, out in the mall, last minute gift-seekers surrounding us, aren't we thankful that we have it all "wrapped up"??  and the tree ready for "flight"?   


Farley and I believe that the message is "understanding"...  and communicating with everyone as best we can... 


It's a time to be Kind

A time to be Blessed and Bountiful,

A time to be Friendly,

Forgiving, and Festive.


Farley and I wish everyone a very Happy Holiday Season and we'll be with you again tomorrow.   






Christmas Day ……..  In a land of plenty, we celebrate in an almost frenetic way, don’t we?



All this running about, buying everything in sight, furiously wrapping, decorating, baking, finding the perfect foods, over-stocking the fridge, and checking and double checking our “to do” lists… do we ask ourselves if it makes for our “perfect Christmas”?




Farley and I were asking ourselves just that question earlier today… is it “perfect” because the “roast beast” (honours to Dr. Seuss) is cooked just right, or is it perfect when all the tree lights work, or if everyone liked their gifts?  Maybe… but the “one thing” varies from person to person doesn’t it?  




The “one thing” that does not vary is our lovely planet and the shape it’s in.  Today’s Christmas blog is a card to Planet Earth saying “We still love you and we’ll do better”     Happy Holidays everyone!




HI and hope you had the best of times!    it's really about Excellence, isn't it? And "Excellence"?   How can we define it?   


Perhaps it can be the events that can move us and shape us that can be haphazard and just slightly scary... like the Russian Explorer ship "Akademik Shokalsky", trapped in the Antarctic ice over Christmas and soon to be rescued. What's special about this, Farley asked me.... Well, it's about communication. 


And who communicated?  Penguins..!   Of course since that, humans have come to the rescue and are to arrive shortly, but how very beautiful this story is...for without this happening, these lucky explorers would never have met these lovely penguins! 



Ok, just one more......Farley asked me,  (since it's all about communication), how do we talk to people?   


Well.. (I said)   


There's "Ribbit" 


     "English" - "French" 


and there's   

     "Italian" -  "Spanish" 


and  Chinese - Japanese -  Greek - Arabic - 


and so many others that keep us together.  


Let's all hope that 2014 is the year that keeps us all together!!




Words of the Immortal and Unforgettable John Lennon...


"So this is Christmas, and what have you done?  Another year over... a New one just begun."


Let's think about what we can hope for in this brand new year, 2014.  


Are Peace and Prosperity, Health and Human kindness still an option?  Farley and I would love to think so, and we have no doubt that these are the wishes that most of us on the Blue Planet hold dear.


In our ever-changing world, there are endless events and miracles to inspire us and fire our dreams, aren't there?   


The International Space Station, for oasis of harmony and discovery... 


and...the continuing discoveries of our universe and our neighbouring planets.. findings from Jupiter, and Mars.


All in all it looks like a very promising and exciting year where we learn more about ourselves and our neighbours.  Let's all hope that we can continue to find these peaceful relationships in our space missions which seem to elude us here on earth.




At the dawn of our bright New Year, 2014, Farley and I both find so much has changed in just a very short time. For, as we ponder and take stock of all that has happened in our very small world recently, somehow the phrase "Winds of Change" seems fitting.  


Quite simply, the weather systems affecting us and our neighbours in Europe... extreme winds, bitter cold, blizzards in the U.S. and Canadian Northeast, freezing temperatures down the Mississippi, and gale force winds & heavy rains in the U.K.,.. all make us wonder when the sun will come out again.


2014 finds us in a world without Mandela, and Sir David Frost, and there is a distinct chill but the winds of change can also bring us the warmth of understanding, co-operation, and new ways of of working together in an exchange of thoughts and's all about communication.


Farley and I both want to wish you the best of health, happiness, and prosperity in the year ahead.




This morning, Farley asked me a most intriguing question...


"What is the best time of day to write?"


"Well", said I, "Farley...anytime can be the best time to write...when the feeling settles upon you, morning, noon or night, grab it and run with it!"


For it's all about momentum, keeping up the rhythm, and the fundamental force that drives a writer is writing every day.  Write a poem, a blog, a line, a letter, your thoughts on the sunrise, your dreams, or your disappointments, but WRITE.


You are only a writer if you actually sit down and put something down on paper, not once or twice, but all the time, whenever and often.  And that's why Farley and I meet at the keyboard every evening to drill rocks!


(see below for info about the rocks) 


We would like to share a quote from one of our favourite authors...


"Papa" Ernest Hemingway...


"There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly... sometimes it's like drilling rock and blasting it out with charges."




Today, as I walked down the Broadway, I was looking for a friendly, smiling face; somebody to connect with and smile at.  But I couldn't see anyone's face because they were all glued to a phone, talking, texing, or perhaps attached to an I-pad, or a Tablet, or maybe a Video game..the latest and greatest techhie toy that Santa left under the tree, and to which they are now hopelessly attached.


How many do you own?  It's all about being in touch, but do we really speak to each other?  This BLOG is about communication, and my friend Farley and I believe that it's a lot more fun to talk to anyone you can find, whether it's a Frog ( Sorry, Farley ) or a Dog, Cat, or a human you don't know, or maybe stop and feed a pigeon, or perhaps just smile at the person sitting next to you on the train or the one who helps you in the pharmacy....??  


Make a new friend!!  My buddy, Farley, used to live in a swamp.  But now he's safe, because he knows how to communicate and talk to people who understand.  Perhaps we can all do that!!    OHHH!! What fun that would be! 





We have lots to talk about today (errr...BLOG about!), and I believe that, in the spirit of communication, two heads are usually better than one, OUI? 


So..I have asked my buddy Farley to join me this evening, as part of his training, in the hopes that he will cast a new light on the subject.  And, the subject, following up on our last BLOG about either talking to our phones, or talking to each other is...


"Okay, Farley..??  You're on!"       


(I shall translate, if that's alright.) 


"Look, I know you're shy, but please remember, Farley, that green is a beautiful colour, and you're not just a "Rana Temporaria", my friend, I think you're more a "Rana Extraordinaria"!  So, maybe get your little frog head out of your Latin Dictionary, and tell us what you want to say...!"


Ok, Farley says...(and please excuse the rather loose translation...)


"Everybody.  Every dog, frog, cat, turtle, bird, tiger, and (Oh Yah)..

Person wants to be with their friends.  So why do some people talk to a phone or bang on or play with a machine at the same time?"  


Well, my friend, let's think about this and run some ideas in our next BLOG, ok? 


For, I don't think I have the answer just now.   




Hi!  Well, this is certainly interesting, because Farley and I have been sitting (well, at least one of us has been..)   at the keyboard for quite some time, thinking how we would begin today's BLOG!  You've heard of it...the "white page" that writers face from time to time.


And it's fascinating that the process comes about just through the inspiration of wanting so much to produce the best, most meaningful and entertaining bunch of words and phrases.  It happens, finally, since we believe in what we're writing and because we appreciate our audience.


"Isn't that right, Farley?" 


" Ribb.... it" 




"And, what did we want to say. Farley?"


We want to say that there are Rainbows, and that no matter what, even in winter they can appear at any time...we just have to look for them.   But we have to LOOK! 


"Farley, I told you that it doesn't matter if you're green, blue, red, or gold, you're part of the rainbow, aren't you?"  


A famous long-ago band (60's) called "The Band" sang: "Life is a Carnival!" 

Maybe we all have to look for the colours in the carnival, and sometimes just relax and enjoy the ups and downs! 




Hello, everyone!  Sad news today...the "Wordwiz" Company picnic had to be cancelled due to freezing cold winds from the Baltic Sea, and a general lack of interest in ham and jam sandwiches, so in lieu of that, Farley and I are warming up at the keyboard.


Following on the heels of our last Blog about rainbows and lovely colours, we would like to refer you to our very interesting "About Us" page with all the colourful flags of France, Italy, Spain, Canada, and other countries. 


There, you will discover that we, at "Wordwiz", are not only colourful, but also very much Internationally-minded and multi-lingual.


Yes!  We can talk to you, write to you, and help proofread and edit your copy in not only English, but also in French (français), Italian (Italiano), and Spanish (Español).


We are quite proud to be able to offer you these services and if you consult our page on Translation, you will find that we also offer excellent French to English and English/French translation.  


Say Goodnight, Farley!     


Thanks for your visit, and see you tomorrow! 



Say "HI" to everyone, Farley!  " Despite having to cancel the picnic, we are very pleased, aren't we?  Because we have many new friends on our website, right? And I believe it has a lot to do with you.   Isn't that what we want, Farley? "


(Okay, sorry...he's in a mood because he didn't get his ham and jam sandwich, but that's what we want! We want our friends around us... ) 


And, just now, as we send you our new BLOG, we are listening to Caribbean music, which warms and charms...well, pretty much everyone I've ever known.  For, who cannot be swept away by the turquoise waves of the Caribbean and the infectious music of Marley, and Jimmy Cliff from Jamaica, and the Salsa music of Puerto Rico, the Soca of Barbados?  


Today, as we write this, Farley and I, we are not just dancing Caribbean, we are talking about Languages again, and perhaps some of our readers do not yet realise that there are so many languages and dialects in the Caribbean.  


Just to name a few,  there's Creole in Haiti, Bajan in Barbados, and Jamaican and Trinidadian dialects, which are enchanting and very diversified ways of communicating and it seems they work better than what we often hear in our daily London lives.



"Farley!  Say Hello to everyone, won't you?"   We want to know if you enjoyed our little whirlwind tour of the Caribbean in yesterday's Blog?  Is is not only about music, but about some of our favourite Island countries and their fascinating here are a few more, just for fun. 


We talked about dialects peculiar to each Island, but I'm sure you know that there are Caribbean Islands shared by two nations, with two languages?  A good place to start is on the lovely St. Martin, where you can luxuriate on a powder white beach, savour sumptuous French cuisine in Marigot, and later on, cross the border into Sint Maarten, for some of the Caribbean's best shopping, and dining in Dutch Phillipsburg! 


One more?  On Hispaniola, an Island steeped in history, you'll hear French and Créole in Haiti.  Then, for something completely different, head East to the Dominican Republic, where you can immerse yourself in the flamboyant colours and flavours of Spain! (...and enjoy showing off your Spanish at the same time!)


"So, what are we saying, Farley?... (and what are YOU saying, cause you're rather silent tonight...we have to teach you a new language as well!) ..are we becoming a Travel Log?"    Might be fun, but, No, we're not straying from our path ...after all, we're "Wordwiz" and what we love is language!


We love all languages and we respect each and every one because that is what holds us together.  


"Say Goodnight, Farley, and let's hope you're able to speak something besides "Ribbit" in the next few days, ok? "



Wow!, Farley...nearly one month since Christmas, and I've already heard people talking about Valentine's Day!  Is this the first part of our New Year going wildly fast, or is it because there's a frog jumping around on my desk, making everything seem quicker?


Maybe the tempo of day-to-day life has changed since the start of this very young year?  Or perhaps it's because we're simply not paying attention to all that is around us, and running through the proverbial tunnel, from night to day and day to night again, chasing...what?   "Well, Farley, any answers for us here?"


What are we chasing? Perhaps something to hold on to?  And what grounds us is our belief in something...something real and solid.  What's real?  Writing...the written word..and truth!!   " Oh, maybe this sounds a bit too serious, but have you got any better thoughts in your little frog brain about this one, Farley?"  (No, never mind, ok..we can talk about the "other" frog next time!) 


Here's some truth for you to ponder until then:


"There is more treasure in books than in all the Pirates' loot on Treasure Island"   

("Walt Disney") 


Hey everyone (and you too Farley!)  do you know about this wonderful, creative and cheery fellow, "Bobby McFerrin"?.  He wrote, what he calls, "a little song" that became a feeling and a general International happiness pill and eventually evolved into something people could really hang onto.  Farley, you're far too young to know about this song, but it's called:

"Don't Worry...Be Happy!"


And, what's your thought on this, Farley?  Are you asking me if it was a HIT? Well, perhaps only in the same way as cheeseburgers and Snicker's bars are a HIT!   You know, Farley, (are you paying attention here, by the way?) ... It is really all in the message and the attitude, isn't it?  We can face just about anything, no matter what, as long as we realise that it shall pass and that eventually things will always come back to the points of the compass...True North.


Please remember, Farley, that I have been many times at sea, Atlantic, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Amazon, and others, and whenever there were roiling seas and headwinds, I knew we were safe.   How did I know that?   Well, it's because there's nothing as strong as the power of positive thinking. (And of course loving the sea helps a lot too!) It is basically all we need to make things work, isn't it? 


No matter who or what you might be, you can get there and climb that mountain, Farley, or in your case, maybe jump onto that lily pad!  


I do believe that Bobby McFerrin got it right..."Don't Worry... Be Happy!" 



(Read more about Bobby McFerrin on his website at and learn the words to this great song! ) 




Hey, Farl, tell the people how you're feelin' after yesterday's "Happy" Blog... Are you Happy? ...Worried?   Did you maybe learn any words to the song? Please talk to me...


Where do we want to take this Blog today, Farley?  Maybe we talk about music... (especially Jazz?)   Cause, did you know that Jazz saved the world?  (just an expression!) .. Well, sorry- maybe you're not that much into Jazz yet, but I'm serious about the power of music, and you need to know this as part of your training as a Junior Blogger... Farley, there is no other genre of music that has (had) a Count, (Basie), a Duke, (Ellington), a Queen, (Ella), and a King, (Nat)! Gotta be something special there, Farley, don't you think?  


Okay, maybe it will take me a while to get you into this, but I'll play you a few tunes and we can talk Jazz on another day.


Meantime, you must understand, Farley, that although we might not be creating music just now, you and I can be happy about creating our Blog each day, and sending out "Wordstuff" to all our new friends, can't we?   And, remember, that we have so much else to be thankful for!   Well, especially YOU must be, since you have somehow managed to get your little Frog face on the Home Page!! 


Ok, since we both love languages, why shouldn't we use our International talents and say "Bonsoir" and "Buona Notte" to everyone, as well as "Good Night"!    See you here soon!  




Welcome back...  Farley and I were getting into the subject of music yesterday, and talking about how much it soothes us and adds so many dimensions to our days.  Another thing that I pointed out to him was that music doesn't always come from instruments like guitars, violins, trumpets or pianos.


"That's right, Farley!  Music comes from nature too!  (as you well know)... Birds chirp and sing, whales and dolphins communicate and navigate with sound waves that are very much like singing, and...believe it or not, music also comes from frogs!  No word of a lie, Farley...a Caribbean Whistling Frog!"  


(Now, here's the moment where Farley gets that drop-jawed, astounded look.) 


Yes, Farley, just imagine a little Eastern Caribbean Island called Barbados, and you will find (and hear) whistling frogs everywhere!  They stick to the trees--to the window, or your arm (sometimes) --and are actually very tiny, but despite their teeny size, they make themselves heard...(like the Lionel Ritchie song)..."All Night Long"!  


"But, of course, Farley, your cousins are all around the Eastern and Southern Caribbean, all the way to Curaçao, and once you have become accustomed to their music, you will not be bothered by the whistling-- you will wait to hear the music each evening, and it will become part of the rhythm of your Caribbean nights.


"Isn't it grand to know, Farley, that you have such amazing cousins?  See? Music travels all around the world, and, to get back to one of our favourite topics, "Communication", then I suppose we must say that frogs, as well as many other animals, are wonderful communicators.  


("Except for you tonight, Farley, because you're being silent, and is it because nobody wrote to you?  Well, perhaps we'll have to get you your own personal

e-mail address, so our new friends can be in touch!  Would you like that?" ) 




Hi,'s after 11:00 pm, and I'm glad to see you ... I was a little worried.


There's lots of good news today!  Let me be the first to tell you that you have been promoted to "Junior Blogger" with your own e-mail address.  So, now, your readers can write to you personally whenever they wish!


Of course, with a promotion comes new responsibility, and your first challenge is to take care of any new e-mail and respond at once to your readers, understood?   


(Dear Readers... You can write your comments and questions to Farley at:


In the meantime, continuing with the "Good News" segment of our Blog, we'd like to address some questions about our "Jazz" Blog... namely, those about the famous names mentioned, and about others in the Jazz Hall of Fame.


Don't get us wrong here...we are serious aficionados of all types of REAL music...Blues, Rock, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Salsa, and...and yes, Country...but knowing about Jazz helps us to feel the roots of the music and understand the legends we named in our "Music" blog a few days ago.


In particular, one question we received was this:   

"How do you find out about Jazz?..Where do I go to learn more?"


"OK,'re on!"




"Thanks, Farley, very helpful.  Actually, what you mean to say is-


"Start with the basics and then fall in love!  Listen to Sinatra with Basie, and Duke Ellington burning up the piano.  Get yourself a Dave Brubeck disc, and then give yourself a big treat and spend an evening with Miles Davis, or Ella Fitz and her dazzling duets with Louis Armstrong."


Once you're into that, you're bitten and the current rash of "whatevertheycallit"

will feel like it came from somewhere else"



Bonjour, Buon Giorno, and Buenas Tardes to all our new friends!


We are both, Farley and I, more than pleased at all the responses we have had and, WOW!  Farley is just over the moon about the messages he got in his new inbox today... (I mean, let's face it...when was the last time you sent an e-mail to a frog?)


"You realise, Farl, that you must answer these without delay, don't you?

 I can help, but our readers wish to speak especially with you!

 Let's get to that right after we finish up tonight's Blog...! Won't that be fun? "


And, I believe that our message tonight is about both sides of communication. Of course, proper command of language, whichever one it might be, and understanding are of utmost importance, but, also, right at the top of the list is 'listening'.


"Yes, Farley, it's true!  In order to understand, you must first listen.  Listen to your reader, listen to your client, and listen to your friends.  Also, paying attention to your blogger/teacher-type person is right up there too!"



And, in keeping with the rhythm of our last few Blogs about music, let's finish tonight's edition with a quote from one of the 'Greats'...One of those:

"Gee, I wish I'd said that!" type of quotations:


"Music is the greatest communication in the world.  Even if people don't understand the language that you're singing in, they still know good music when they hear it."

....Lou Rawls 



HI Again, and Welcome to our "BYE BYE JANUARY" party...wherein we hope to make amends for skipping out on our yesterday blog... (Actually, Farley, should I tell everyone why we skipped?)    


Ok...(He's been a bit worried about his young cousin, Wilfred, down on the Mississippi, snowed-in, where they never get snow or ice, or any of that nasty business, except for this winter, and he's not heard from him for 3 days..)  


"So, here we are this evening, saying BYE BYE January, aren't we Farley? You ok?  We'll call Wilfred in the a.m." 



We must tell you that it's not a problem for us saying Goodbye to this very strange month...where everyone seems down, tired, flattened-out, etc. from the Christmas and New Year Holidays, and re-examining their decisions on gift spending, and perhaps looking towards...let's see!  ...Good things!  


And, what would those good things be, Farley?    


Maybe February?   ..Valentine's Day?  Carnival in Rio?  Mardi Gras?  Then March.. OH! Big Party..St. Patrick's Day... (It's a great day for the Irish!) ... Can we truly get excited about these things?  


Sure we can!  It brings us together, right?  And isn't that the central theme of our blog here?  Communication!   Let's all enjoy the passing of January and look forward to February 2014 ...once St. Patrick's comes, Spring is right next door.




Bonne Soirée, and as we head towards the winds of February, (why, Farley, do some people say "Febuary"??? )   and then perhaps some sunny skies... Let's all think about how fortunate we are!  Also, maybe we can think about ways in which we can help others who might not be in the best of situations!...  example:


"Stop're just fine, and probably the luckiest little frog in the world, ya know?  People who don't have ham and jam sandwiches are definitely not worried about the things you worry about!"  


We are all concerned here about people who might need our help, ok?   And, by the way, your cousin, Wilfred, is just fine...the snow is melting down in Arkansas...  


So let's talk about the people who have more to worry about than a few inches of snow!  Good?    With your permission, Mr. Farley, shall I address the issue of people we would like to help, for example, in Syria, the Philippines, Darfur, and other places where there is unrest and need.    Can we talk to them?   Maybe not, Farley, but what do you have to say about this?   Let's send out our message to everyone and see what this website can accomplish. 


Do you know, Farley, (are you still listening? )   what frightens the fact that people sometimes  don't listen....or hear! 


It doesn't matter whether you're a dog, frog, cat, cow, crow, or an orangutan... or whatever colour you might be...  or whether you are from the Caribbean, America, Africa, or the Philippines, Poland, Poukeepsie, or Pennsylvania, you are part of the International community and you it or not!!   


We're here, yes, Farley, and you too, to talk to you about what happens in this lovely new year...    I suppose it's about being good to each other! 

Stay tuned!   



Feb 3... 


Blog--Blog--Blog--Farley!!  It's keyboard time again, and where are YOU?  


Maybe you'd care to join me over here?  We are all waiting on your words about our "Helping and Caring" Blog the other day.   So,  if I may ask,  please:


"What have you done lately to help another??"


"I know you spoke to your cousin Wilfred, and he seems just fine now, but you are in charge of other things, aren't you? "


"Farley, since you were promoted to Junior Blogger (no hat yet, by the way) you must start paying attention to your e-mail messages and start working on various charities we would like to help.  That's your job and I highly recommend it!"


"Let's just say that, otherwise, you'd be sitting around stuffing your little frog face with all sorts of bad stuff!  Let's get on this and then you can have a sandwich....Deal?"



You know, everyone, we really appreciate your visit so much, and you must know that Farley isn't that difficult to talk with...he's just different, and needs to be understood.  In everyday life we meet someone who is different, but always works out, doesn't it?  


With luck, we shall talk to you tomorrow!  



Feb 4


"Ok, Farley! You're on!  What do you want to tell our readers today, honourable Frog-man?"


"irbit...irbi..whit...?   Bibin K*@@)"


"Yes, well, it might take me a while to work all that out, but basically I get the gist of your thoughts...and I agree.  It's about people wanting to be something other than what they are, am I right?  We see it everyday, Farl...the girl with the red hair wants blonde hair, and the girl with the straight hair would like to have curly hair...the man who is 5'6 wants to be 6'5, and on and on.


"I believe that you might be a member of that "club" too, Mr. Junior Blogger... you're green, so you'd like to be, what?...Gold?...Red?  Would that make you happy?  Of course not!  If you're not happy being what you are, then no matter how you change things, you will still see that unhappy dude looking back at you in the mirror.


"Can we use a little "license" here, then, and take a line from a hit song by our other favourite frog?"


...."It's not that easy being green...!"


"He sure said a mouthful there, Farley...cause at the end of the song, he decides it's exactly what he wants to be.



"While we think on that, let's pick up from our last Blog about helping others and talking to those who make it happen, for example, the British Red Cross, and Unicef, who have done and continue to do heroic things in Syria, helping refugees, the homeless, and those in need in countries all around the world. Maybe, Farley, the next time we sit worrying about how we want to be different, we might make a change for the better and go help those who cannot help themselves?   Now!  Wouldn't that be the start of something great?" 



On that theme, a very fitting quote from "Ralph Waldo Emerson" ....


   "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." 



Feb. 6 




Wise words from one of Country Music's true legends...and words we can all put to good use every day!  


Certainly, the power of positive thinking has been a driving force in the success of this Blog from the very beginning, and has helped a certain Blogging Frog to find his way up the ladder here, at "Wordwiz"!


How quickly has been his ascent from, well, (for lack of a better term), "Frog", to his current position as "Junior Blogger", that he is soon to celebrate his graduation ceremony!...Stay tuned! 


And, on the subject of positive thinking...


Let's take some time to enjoy one of the very inspiring stories spilling from the preparations for the Sochi Olympics, shall we?  One that particularly touched us today was the success of Ski Cross Champion, Fanny Smith, who has overcome a serious knee injury, surgery, and almost a year of therapy to come back and fight for the Gold.


"We wish her the very best, don't we, Farley?  And I hope you will do your very best at your graduation next week!"


Stay positive, think good thoughts, everyone!  Please stay with "Wordwiz", and remember to contact me or Farley at any time if we can help with good thoughts and great copy!  


Until tomorrow..........



Feb 8


We have had such great responses to our Blog yesterday, with Willie Nelson's wise words, and the info about Farley's impending graduation, that we had forgotten to concentrate on music!


" Do you mind waiting a few more days, Farley?   We shall take care of this for you next week, ok? "


Music is one of our main focuses on this Blog, and Farley and I would like to draw your attention once again to Jazz...beautiful Jazz.  Just for a moment, let's talk about... Oh!  Let me of the most exciting, and vocally-gifted women ever...named "Lena Horne".  I am sure most of our readers are aware of this very high-profile entertainer, and her lovely lyrical voice.   Her signature song... (written by Jerome Kern, (the composer of the score for "Show Boat" and so many other hit musicals) was "Stormy Weather". 


What you might not know about Ms. Horne is that she was one of the first women in the U.S., among a group of people who, despite the fact that they were amongst the greatest entertainers in the country, were not permitted, at the time, to enter their places or work...clubs, theatres, hotels, or whatever...through the Front Door, because of their colour!!   Just imagine!


Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, and Lena Horne, just to name a few amongst hundreds..  and Ms. Lena Horne was the first to say:


"NO WAY am I going through the back door!   If you want me to sing here, I use the front door like everybody else!"


Ms. Lena Horne helped to change the way things worked ...and I take my hat off to her, even though I am not wearing one at this particular time. 


After that, or not too long afterwards... all artists, no matter who... used the front door.  


That's just one example of the power of positive thinking.  We wish you bright days ahead and see you tomorrow!



Ah! Yes!..Farley.. Monday.. Moody, and sometimes Melancholy Monday, can often bring unexpected joy... we only have to go and look for it! 


The mysticism that seems to surround Monday---Monday- (remember the Mamas and Papas?)  mostly comes from....Well, who knows?  Could it be fears of facing a new week?  Weekend that ended too soon?  ...Or perhaps-  just inertia from a long lost weekend, where we might have wound down so very much that winding back up seems frightening?   


For whatever reason,there is no way we should fear Monday, and there is no Blue Monday!   Farley and I think ( don't we? )  that Monday should never have the  reputation that has been tagged onto it....because, it's actually a symbol of Hope!)  ....   If you want it to be, it can be the happiest day in the week!!


Yes!!   It is...It means that we ( Yes...and you too, Farley!|) have survived another weekend...and that you have come back to fight again!!  What could be wrong with that?  Let's both of us turn Mondays into Good Days!!  


Last week, we talked about the best in music...the best in language...and today, let's just add one more encouraging thoughts... 


Here is a quote from one of our most respected Romans... (Ok, yes, Farley..I shall tell you about him later on, ok? )  


"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be Love!!  " (Marcus Aurelius) 


Perhaps this noble Roman knew exactly how to get over the Monday blues.  ...He never had any!! ..



Feb 11


Tuesday... Blues Day?   Not really, Farley!  Let's talk about this!! Why, actually, must it be Blues Day?   The Olympics are on and everyone in Sochi is having a grand time... jumping, skiing, and sliding down mountains, skating and whatever...and standing up for their respective countries!!   Don't you think that's just the best it can be?   


Gold...Silver...and Bronze everywhere...and do we know why everyone is so happy there?  It's not just about who's not only about sport... it's really about Pride!  I do believe that, Yes I do, and Farley, I think you understand that as well.   It is all about the power of positive thinking, isn't it? 


For,  if you think that you can climb that mountain, Farley, or ski down that hill, or jump over that ice wall, or skate your way to stardom, then you can certainly do it!!    And we see this every day at the Olympics, no matter where they are or who might be competing...   Because we all do that every day.  We have to climb that mountain.   


Congratulations to all the wonderful competitors at the Olympics..we wish you well.


Meantime, Farley.  Let us talk about tomorrow...and about our thoughts as we head towards Valentine's Day!!   What are you planning for Valentine's?  And do you know the origin of the Day?    Let's discuss this tomorrow, ok?     


We shall talk about the tradition of Valentine's and why we feel the need to buy roses..........etc.   


Let's just celebrate the things that bring us together ......... 



Bonjour and Welcome to our Valentine's Day "Hearts and Roses" Blog!   I have given Farley the day off to rest, and prepare for his upcoming graduation, so I am on my own here, and I thought perhaps our Blog fans might relish some history and background on Valentine's Day and its mystical origins.


The story of St. Valentine dates all the way back to Ancient Rome, in the reign of Diocletian...subsequently St. Valentine was questioned by the Emperor Claudius II.  From there, the story traces down into the 14th Century but there are many diverse accounts,...ultimately, we find ourselves in the High Middle Ages, with the Romantic writings of Chaucer playing a role in the observance of Valentine's Day.    So, how did we get from there to the romantic and flowery gifting traditions we have today?


Whatever the reason, we do have this celebration that has survived and threaded its way through the ages to our modern offerings of heart-shaped cards and gifts, flowers, and chocolates...even pink Champagne, to the object of our affections! 


It also seems fitting to offer poetry, on this very special occasion, and here's a little poem which you might wish to share: 


(This was penned by Edward Fitzgerald- (1809-1883) - from the Translation of the original by Omar Khayyam)


"A book of Verses, underneath the Bough, 

A jug of wine, a Loaf of Bread--and Thou 

Beside me singing in the Wilderness- 

O..Wilderness were Paradise enow! " 



Have a Lovely Valentine's Day!   See you tomorrow!



Farley will be back tomorrow, but in the meantime I shall try to carry on with our ongoing fun and games ...   and you might recall that we have often addressed the subject of excellence on this Blog..Today, we're returning to that because it seems especially apropos.


Is it because of the Olympics, and the feats of extreme sportsmanship and heroism...that "reaching-for-the-stars" quality that humans are so good at? Or is it the spirit of competition that fuels our passion to excel?  Probably both...but what matters is the result, and that result is a happy one.  Whether it's speed-skating, sliding, snow-boarding, slope-styling, ski-jumping, figure skating, or facing your favourite opponents in an epic hockey match, it's a panorama of colour, exuberance, and joy all blended together for a few dazzling weeks.


The Olympic flame, wherever it travels, lights a fire that sparks athletes, fans, spectators, participants..people who have travelled across continents to revel in the event. There are also commentators ,who occasionally seem to forget that they are observers and not the real focus of these groundbreaking events.


National pride naturally figures hugely in any Olympian sport, as it should, and the result of that pride brings us excellence that can be quite extraordinary...something to dream on, and remember long after the games have finished.  The flame is still there.


Wouldn't it be wonderful to hold onto that spirit in our daily lives, and keep it close?




Feb 17


Hi there!  Big news....Farley has returned to the "fold" and he graduates to junior Blogger on Wednesday!  He's so excited, ("Aren't you, Farley?"), and even more so because we are both out of here on Saturday, for a few weeks in the Caribbean. (Does that sound too good to be true?)  We think so too, but starting next week, we will be blogging you from under a palm tree or seaside on some of our favourite Islands! 


(Sometimes, it's a good idea to change our perspectives and breathe in some new air!)  Yes...we had a "meeting of the minds" (such as it was)...and the vote was unanimous.  "Yecchh" to winter, and all this rain, wind and dreary gray, stormy skies, (we said)...Enough of getting blown down the street, and returning home each day feeling like a drowned rat!" (or frog)   


So, it's off we go, but we won't reveal our itinerary just yet, because part of the surprise will be telling all our readers about the enchanting islands we end up visiting through our journey!




And, to be sure, this trip isn't just about warmer weather and white sandy beaches... One main focus is our interest in languages and dialects, different sounds and rhythms, and the Caribbean region certainly has no lack of those!


No worries, however!  All "Wordwiz" copywriting, proofreading, and editing services will be connected as always, during these few weeks.  Whatever your needs, "Wordwiz" is there, no matter where "there" might be.


Hasta La Vista! 


"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

....St. Augustine



February 19 


Well, here we are, and there are so many things we want to say... I would like to address, once again, the subect of excellence.  In this particular concerns the very special terms:


"Comedian" and "Comic" 


It has oft been said that a comedian is someone who "Says Funny Things", 

and that a comic is someone who "Says Things Funny".  Too true... but maybe our dear departed Sid Caesar could be considered as having been both, as well as defining the meaning of both.  


An astute and ground-breaking comic during his long and illustrious career, Sid Caesar virtually "wrote the book" on modern comedy, and influenced many of the most recognized comics we all know and love today.   (who include, Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, Neil Simon, Woody Allen, Dick Van Dyke, and Buddy Hackett, to name only a few.) 


Sid Caesar set the path and framework for others to follow...made people see humour in everyday life, and he set new heights in comedy that others are still striving to reach.  This is my tribute to an extraordinary man, and a magnificent talent.  Thanks for the laughs, Sid! 



On another note...  Farley celebrates his graduation tomorrow, and we'll send you all the details on that before we start preparing for our Caribbean adventure! 


Stay tuned!



Hello, everyone!  We're so happy to be here tonight to report on Farley's graduation, which was a huge success!    


I'm quite proud of the distance he has come through his positive attitude, dedication to the success of this blog, and his fast-developing interest in creative writing.  It might not be easy being green, but it's a lot easier when you've got a diploma in "blogging"!   (We not only enjoy languages here, we also enjoy a touch of humour.) 


Funny thing about blogging...we are never sure who's out there, reading our words...paying attention...listening to the sound of our word-music! (just coined that one)   Like any other artist... (and we do know that a writer, painter, columnist, and/or chef are artists, don't we?) .. We are never sure of who might be watching or critiquing.


Actually, that's what we hope for!  We want so much to provoke thoughts, reactions, ideas, and commentaries. 


Why do we Blog?  Why do we write at all?  Because we are so interested in words, so chock-full of ideas that they must be poured out onto the page...otherwise, what would we do with them?  So, we are pouring them out here to you and hoping that you will absorb our thoughts and our ideas, information and quotes, and come back to us with your own thoughts!!


Because that's what language and communication is all about. Talk...write...enjoy...get mad...get interested...and that's who we are!  We are lovers of language and communication and it hurts to see so many people walking around with their heads stuck in their phones, never seeing those around them.  


So, to help our readers stay in touch and communicate with us, we have added a "Comments" form to this Blog and invite you to write back.   You will see it just below this blog.  


Tomorrow, Saturday, Farley and I are off on our Caribbean Holiday for a few warm weeks on turquoise seas and soft sands..!  All throughout our adventure, we shall be writing our Blog each day, and telling you all about the history and beauty of each Island destination.    In the meantime, please remember that all Wordwiz copywriting, editing and proofreading services shall be available to you as always.    


Thanks for your interest! Please stay in touch!   The comment form is just below. 



February 24 - Bahamas!


"On the Road Again"...Willie Nelson's celebrated song rings in my ears as we set out on our Caribbean quest...Farley and I.   


On our way down to the warm Caribbean sea, we have decided to drop in and visit some of our friends here in the beautiful Bahamas, a country of over 700 islands which lie in the warm Gulf Stream waters, in the Atlantic, only a short flight from Miami.    Nassau, Capitol of the Bahamas, is a hive of activity, with its lovely cruise port, straw market, and floating wharfs where little glass-bottom boats tempt you with trips over to Paradise Island, and sightseeing tours.  The port of Nassau is a panoply of colour, sea, and music.   


Just now, we are heading over to Paradise Island, (once called "Hog Island"...don't ask me why.) ...just across the Paradise Island Bridge, to have lunch at the famous Ocean Club, and spend a little time on the beach.  We could have taken a taxi over the bridge, but it's a lot more fun to take a glass-bottom boat...


"'ll have to take your hat off while we're on the boat, ok? 

 Mortar boards don't work too well at sea, you know?" 


So, we're off to Paradise Island and the legendary Ocean Club, which was once a private club, owned by  Billionaire Huntington Hartford in the 60's, but it appears that they now actually let frogs in for lunch!   It's a gorgeous spot, and the Bahamian Conch Chowder is the very best here...we can lunch by the pool! 


"Now that you have graduated, Farley, there are some things you must learn before we go flying down to Puerto Rico... Language!  Here in the Bahamas, the dialect is quite light and inflected with a native lilt.  Once we arrive in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we shall hear a much different sort of language... because it's Spanish, but U.S. territory.   


"So, almost everyone speaks some sort of English, mixed with a Spanish accent, and it's very charming.  Isn't that fascinating?   Oh, never your chowder."


If we don't take too long on Paradise Island, maybe we can sail over to Bimini for the evening before we fly away to Puerto Rico!!




Caribbean at last!! Yesterday evening, our plane touched down on exciting Puerto Rico!


Aqui, se habla Español!  Puerto Rico is so many things to so many people, but if I had to choose one word...I would say FUN!  There is something for everyone in Puerto Rico!  


To start with, there's the Atlantic Coast on the North, and the Caribbean on the South...there's Spanish and English (Puerto Rico is a U.S. protectorate). There's the old ...16th century cobblestones, and the new... hotels..restaurants...and natural beauty everywhere, including the only tropical rain forest in the U.S..."El Yunque".  On the South Coast, in Ponce (named after Ponce de Leon..who claimed to have discovered the fountain of youth)...brand new beaches and resorts.  


Farley and I have checked in at the El San Juan, on beautiful Isla Verde, a wonderful resort island not far from the airport, and we are on our way to historic Old San Juan.  


How historic is it? ask...  For starters, legendary El Morro Fortress is well over 400 years old, with its original cannons in place and its lighted watchtowers, and its breathtaking vista over the port of Old San Juan.  The harbour welcomes ships from the world over and is one of the busiest and best ports in the Caribbean.   


And just as we thought we'd seen it all, we took a stroll down Calle Fortalezza's cobblestone hill, visiting shoppes, bistros, and courtyard gardens.  

"Aren't the people in San Juan so friendly, Farley?  I must teach you some Spanish...

"Oh, here's something...  I'm sure you will remember this......


"Buenas Tardes...quiero saber adonde puedo tomar un mojito, por favor."

Ok, Farley, that's enough...   


What's so wonderful about San Juan?  The choices!  The food...the music..the, and wealth of history..and, OH Yes...the weather!  Tomorrow, we shall be setting off to visit Carolina out on the East end of Puerto Rico, and afterwards trek through sumptuous El Yunque rain forest.   


Can't wait........... "Oh, Farley,... get that lime out of your mouth, ok? " 



HI Everyone!  Yes, Farley and I are still here in Puerto Rico...and there is so much to see and do!  It has all been a grand adventure that not even a frog could forget,  "Isn't that right, Farley?"


After our trek through Old San Juan and its impressive port on our first day, we made plans to spend some time touring El Yunque Rainforest, and decided to take the "path less travelled" up to the waterfalls and nature trails!  The unspoiled beauty of El Yunque and its scenic vistas defy description..!  So, we stayed a bit longer and, unfortunately, had to be out of touch with our readers for these past few days.   (Forests are not user friendly to WI-FI!)


So, since we were already on the route Eastward from the rainforest, we could not resist the temptation to visit exotic Luquillo... on the Island's Northeast coast.  Luquillo is a sweeping beach with crystal clear water, surrounded by palm trees and we both agreed that it is picturesque on a grand scale!  


It's our last evening now, before we fly off to nearby St. Martin and there's only one way we can think of to spend this time!   


How many ways can you say "Condado"?    Just a stroll along Condado's exciting "Ashford Avenue"... (well, ok, Farley can't stroll, he kind of rides with me!), offers endless restaurant/club/casino choices.  But, of course, Farley is too young to learn Black Jack, so we'll just take in one of our favourite restos... "Ramiro's".


Please look for us tomorrow as we land in nearby St. Martin/Sint Maarten (and we shall visit both the French and Dutch sides of this lovely Island.) 



"What really swings is the music of the United States, Cuba, the Caribbean, and vicinity, and, of course, Brazil.  ....  The rest is all waltzes. " ...  

    ........    Antonio Carlos Jobim ........




March 5 -  Phillipsburg, Sint Maarten


There's something magical about this Island, which is actually two countries and two identities on a very small piece of rock in the Caribbean... One country owned by the Netherlands, and the other by France.   Maybe it's the lovely warm welcome we received on our way to Phillipsburg, or perhaps it's just the sparkling turquoise waters.


On the French side,  St. Martin, of which the main focus is Marigot, and on the Dutch side, Phillipsburg, where we start our journey, this Island is one of the most friendly and fascinating places we have seen.   Phillipsburg enjoys a great amount of attention from vacationers either staying on the Island, or visiting on day trips from a nearby cruise ship.  


"What shall we do, Farley?  We are surrounded by duty-free shops, restos, music...and some of the Caribbean's best beaches!! Let's pick one, ok? "


"!! Sand?   "Leie28££++*O" 


"Ok, it!... Let's choose a lovely seaside restaurant..!  Actually, La Romana is one of my favourites, and you can have anything you want, except a Martini!"  


"bibit...!!  Yuck. "  


Really, there are so many lovely places to dine on the seaside in Phillipsburg that it is almost impossible to choose, but this restaurant has a lovely terrace over the sea, and we can go swimming after.  The chef/owner prepares authentic Italian cuisine!  


In the evening, after the shoppers have quit, Phillipsburg puts on its party face and people dance and party till dawn. (literally) ...  


Tomorrow, we shall run over to France and enjoy luxurious Marigot and maybe a seafood lunch by the sea, next to the legendary boardwalk.   (Isn't it wonderful to have a choice of two countries on the same Island, both living in peace? )   


If our WI-FI works in Marigot, expect a detailed blog about the French side of St.Martin/Sint Maarten.


Until then... have warm Caribbean dreams! 



March 6 ... Marigot, St. Martin 


(Just a little chunk of Paradise...)   


Ok, Farley, you're on!!  here we are on the French side of St. exquisite Marigot, enjoying some of the Caribbean's best beaches, cuisine and music!  (especially cuisine!)   Because this is the MOST French of the French Caribbean and aren't we just too lucky? 


But, Farley, it's now your turn to show your stripes, since you are a Junior Bloger, you write some of this one today, ok?  


No Martinis for you, my friend...until you start with the Word Stuff ... So, let's go Farley... tell us what you have to say about Marigot and your experience on gorgeous St. Martin/Sint Maarten..........


(no ribbits or bibits, ok? )  


"Bib..."££ % Farley likess this p[lace cause fun and everybody so nice!!

Cold beer...white sand.. warm wind but good because they don't mind a little frog  sitting at the table.  *wowo3929£  Yjhasnks St. Martin"  


Alright, Farley, that was a great effort and thanks for that amazing review!!  There is so much more we can say about this place, isn't there?   Grand Case is one of the most unforgettable and most restauranted areas in the Caribbean and that's where we are headed this evening after our stay at the beach.


Don't you agree, Farley, that it's quite lovely to be able to visit two countries on the same Island within hours of each other, both with gorgeous beaches and the warm Caribbean waves lapping at their shores?   


However, there is something much more special about this experience, isn't there, Farley?   It isn't just the weather, sea or sand.. it's the exploration of an incredibly historic part of the world that simply reeks of history...   When the Buccaneers, like Henry Morgan and Blue Beard plied the Caribbean waters, searching for gold, trying to claim Island kingdoms for their Kings and Queens, and ended up keeping them for themselves!!  ...What's amazing is that few of them realized that the real treasure was the Island they were standing on!!  


Ok, Farley...Say something!!  


This voyage is also very much about the memories we shall never lose, Farley.  Let's face it!  How many frogs get to tour the Caribbean...and then write about their experiences?   This is part of your training, and I do want you to see and remember the lovely colours of the little houses perched here over the hills in Marigot.  


Anything to say to our readers before we fly off to St. Thomas tomorrow morning?  


""£$))_cggdff)))BIB... tHOMAS?>?? i LIKE MARTIN!" 


Yah, ok, Farley -  I think we need a refresher course for you in blogging.  


G"Nite everyone...we'll talk to you from St.Thomas / St. John, U.S.V.I. 



March 10 ... Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, USVI..


After a beautiful weekend in Dutch St. Maarten, and French St. Martin, we have to admit that it was no fun leaving at all.!!


Now, Farley and I have landed safely in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the only hard part about that was deciding where to begin our stay...either shopping & dining Mecca, St. Thomas, or dreamy, unspoiled St. John, for snorkelling and famous beaches, or perhaps St. Croix, and a visit to Frederiksted harbour and a taste of history? 


So, we flipped a coin, and I won St. Thomas for today and tomorrow.  (Farley lost, ...he called "tails")


"What do we do first, Farley?...Lunch by the harbour?.. Magen's Bay Beach later on?"


" we are at "Hook. Line, and Sinker"...just around from the hectic cruise port of Charlotte Amalie, with a magnificent view of the sea and the glistening white cruise ships.  Isn't this fun, Farley?...what are you having for lunch? " 


This Blog has always centered on communication and languages, and the Caribbean is a melting pot of languages ... No where is there a better example of people talking to each other, and understanding whatever dialect you might be speaking.  People all over the Caribbean, where both Farley and I used to live, are happy to meet visitors from anywhere.  Yesterday, we were speaking French, (well, one of us was anyway!) ...  and the day before that, we heard Dutch, as well as English...and here we are today in U.S. territory, where there are versions of English which can often be blended with Caribbean inflections and West Indian influences.   It's part of the fun of travel...and we both wish that people could understand how lovely it is to be able to talk to our friends in any country.


Now that our seafood lunch is over, we're on our way to Magen's Bay Beach...I know Farley wanted to see it, "Didn't you, Farley, you little beach bum?"  


As well, I am thrilled to be back in the U.S.V.I.  .. it's as inviting as ever, with its crystal waters and warm white sands. 


"Aren't we so lucky, Farl? ..let's not stay too late, as we want to be there for tonight's party at the Hotel..  Tomorrow maybe we shall take the Ferry over to Cruz Bay- St. John!!  Deal?  " 


"O""<<<Biti good!  Bay"  




March 10  - St. John, U.S.V.I. 


Let's take a break from our "Beach Blog" for a day, shall we?   And, maybe we can turn our sights Eastward, towards the Paralympic games in Sochi, on the Black Sea.


"Sorry, Farl!  But the world doesn't stop spinning just because you're on the beach in St. John, kickin' sand.!" 


What's happening in the Sochi Paralympic Games is incredibly exciting and uplifting...and, once again, Sochi has come through with excellent organisation and the finest installations for the competitors.  If ever there were proof of the endurance of the human spirit,  the Paralympics wold surely be that proof!


The events we have seen and the achievements of these athletes just in the past few days since the opening ceremonies have defied description... 


For example:


Sledge Hockey... Canada vs. Sweden/ Canada vs. Norway

Alpine Skiing ...  Cross Country  Marathon,   

Wheelchair Curling, Super-G, and Biathlon


Any athlete would be proud to be competing in the Olympics, however, the courage and determination of these participants makes these games so much more wonderful, and sends a message to everyone about never giving up.


In today's world, when we hear talk of conflict, threats of terrorism, and horrible events around the Globe, it can take only a few moments of watching these glorious feats and accomplishments to raise our spirits again.


Enjoy the Games!!  Because, when they're gone...they're gone until Summer 2016 in Rio de Janiero.  


"The important achievement of Apollo was demonstrating that humanity is  not forever chained to this Planet, and our visions go rather further than  that, and our opportunities are unlimited. "  Neil Armstrong  





St. John, U.S.V.I.


Just as you step off the Ferry in Cruz Bay, you can feel it, and hear it!


"Can you hear it, Farley?"


"O**)?? bi fl!" 


"I am talking about that peaceful, happy sound of nothing but soft Virgin Island breezes...the warm waves kissing the shore, and the gentle hum of the Ferry's engines as it warms up for its return ride towards Red Hook, St. Thomas..."


Off we go, then, towards one of my favourite beaches anywhere! St. John is a natural paradise, and is now designated as a National Park, most of it set aside as a nature and wildlife sanctuary, gifted to the U.S.V.I. by the Rockefeller foundation. 


For anyone seeking a peaceful retreat, there are many choices here, and this is the place where people come to find unspoiled rest, tranquillity, and a studied absence of the revelry and party atmosphere often found on tropical islands and seaside resorts.


Some of the World's great beaches are on St. John... Caneel Bay, Cinnamon Bay, and Hawk's Nest beach, to name a few, however, today, Farley....we are among the most fortunate since we are on our way to Trunk Bay Beach!!   


"Isn't that exciting, Farley?  We can snorkel there along an incredibly lovely marked snorkel trail.  Yes!  There are signs pointing us to the various coral, all along the trail.!"


The coral reefs at Trunk Bay are swarming with gorgeous technicolour fish...parrot fish..trigger fish...yellow-tails...soldier fish...and almost too many others to mention.  All these fish and coral are protected, and in fact, scuba diving is not allowed in Trunk Bay since diving equipment can damage the beautiful coral. 


Trunk Bay Beach itself cuts a wide swath of powder white sand, which hugs a perfect cove surrounded by pines and palms, offering shade, and one of the most idyllic settings one can imagine.  It's no wonder that National Geographic has Trunk Bay on it's "Top Ten Most Beautiful Beaches"  (in the world)! 


"And, here we are, Farley, on one of the most beautiful beaches ...Isn't this exciting? ?? Huh?   And what are you doing with that hot dog?   Let's go swimming and snorkelling, ok? "


No matter how much time we spend here, at Trunk Bay, we shall have to take an Island tour before we catch the Ferry back to St. Thomas this evening.  It's never easy to leave this place... I do hope all our readers consider planning a visit to this spot one day, because it's "picture postcard" days like these that remind us how short and precious life can be.   




March 15th -  Marigot Bay - St. Lucia


Hi Everybody!! Welcome back to lovely St. Lucia ...and please pardon our various new formats as we re-vamp our Blog page........  our March 14th is at the top of this Blog and for now, until we configure our new form, we shall stay with this method, and keep our lovely Green colour for St. Patrick's Day!!


Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!   Actually, it's serendipitous that we end up writing this particular Blog in Green again, in one of the GREENEST spots in the Caribbean!   Marigot Bay actually has jade green water....quite rare in this part of world.


We have had such a wonderful time here, visiting all the "gems" on this friendly island, but we have left the "crowning glory" till the end.


"How much fun was Rodney Bay yesterday, Farley?... the boats, 

the people...the colours, and the beautiful beach... Fun in the Sun!! 

And, how about our seaside Barbeque lunch?   Hard to find in London..."


"And the jet-ski?? exhilarating, wasn't it, Farley?"




"Don't'll get over it soon, and b.t.w., NO beers for you today, my little green friend!! We're going sailing, and it's lemonade, right?"



Marigot Bay!! We'll be there soon!  This hidden bay is an oasis, with soft jade green waters, quiet and calm, lovely hotels around an idyllic drifting quietly in and out of the bay.  Not all tourists have yet discovered this precious hideaway, and that's just fine!


The setting is perfect, (something I do want to paint!) ... and, once you have spent a day or two in this lovely spot, you might start getting ideas about staying a bit longer! 


Now, I did promise you a little story about a certain Doctor, didn't I?   


Let's just say that when you first saw Dr. Dolittle, (Rex Harrison) and Anthony Newley on a Caribbean beach, with a giant Pink Sea Snail sitting nearby, well, that beach was in Marigot Bay.  How much more lovely could it have been? 


So, Farley, let's just enjoy our day here and relax before we catch our flight back to London tomorrow..."


"Farley, have you enjoyed your Caribbean holiday?...I had hoped to take you to Barbados, but we just don't have the time now.  Barbados is not a place that lends itself to short visits.  We must take a week or two to really enjoy the Island of Barbados! "






Dear Readers...I hope you have enjoyed our Caribbean adventure enough to think about visiting some of these fascinating places on your own!  Do ask us for any information you might want on any of these destinations.!























































































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